Bashir Shaikh Memorial Trust

Our Initiatives

Carrying forward the legacy of Bashir Shaikh, the trust aims to work for the betterment of legal professionals working in any capacity and considering their needs, the Trust aims to take the legal fraternity on board and provide them with a number of unparalleled benefits. The two initiatives taken by the trust are given below:

Advocates Cover ®

We believe that it is vital for our legal fraternity to lead a financially secure life and in case of any mishap; their family may not suffer from any monetary constraints. To ensure that, the trust provides its members with a Life Insurance Coverage Policy. Under this initiative 1000 members of the trust will be provided a Life Insurance Coverage policy worth up to Rs.1,000,000 at no cost. These members are selected by nominations and balloting done under the supervision of our Nomination Panel. The nomination and balloting process will conclude by December 15, 2011 for the all the members who joined the trust on or before November 30, 2011.

The life insurance cover will be valid for a year extending from January 01, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

Life Insurance Claim Process

In case of any natural or accidental mishap leading to the demise of a BSMT member, the nominee may contact the BSMT office along with the following documents:

  • Nominee shall bring the deceased member's Membership Card to claim the insurance amount.
  • Nominee shall bring the Death Certificate of the deceased BSMT member.
  • Nominee shall bring his/her original CNIC

BSMT will then verify the member's details for further processing. Once verification is complete, BSMT will call the nominee of the BSMT member to collect the insurance amount.


Under this initiative the trust aims to work for the mobilization of jobs for the legal community in the local and international markets. With the advent of globalization there are thousands of work from home and remote consultancy jobs and openings for the legal professionals throughout the globe. These opportunities if properly capped will result in significant earnings of the total legal fraternity of Pakistan. The trust has set a complete road map to achieve this objective.


BSMT provides its members an exclusive office facility that they can utilize to meet their clients, undertake thorough study of a case and carry out official correspondence. Advospace® can be utilized for three main purposes:

  • Receiving mail/post
  • Receiving calls
  • Slot reservation for meetings

It is important for the members to give their Communication ID to their clients or other individuals who are expected to send them any mail/post and/or have a call for them at the BSMT office.

Members can reserve their slots through the following process.

  • Sign in by entering your login ID and password
  • Automatically, you will be directed to your Member Area
  • Go to Facility Reservation
  • Reserve the facility (as per the availability of slots).
  • If any member wishes to cancel the slot, he/she may do so anytime by going to the Reservation History.
  • BSMT reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any point in time. Cancellation of slots would be intimated to the members through SMS.

Important Instructions

  • This facility is strictly for official purpose.
  • Only documents can be received on behalf of the members.
  • A maximum of 6 slots can be booked per month
  • Slot Duration: 30 minutes

The Trust seeks to take further future initiatives with its gradual expansion so that the advocates of Pakistan can lead an improved life while getting connected to the broader perspective of this profession.